PIY: Cat Magnets

Painted Cat Magnets


  • Animal figurines. You can get these at art supplies stores or toy stores. Use whatever animal is your favorite!
  • Acrylic paint. Spray paint will also work well, but we chose acrylics as they’re easier to work with and non-toxic.
  • Paint brush or sponge applicator.
  • Super glue
  • Mini magnets (also found at art supplies stores)

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Begin by painting your animal figurine white. Why? Painting a coat of white first will make your top coat of color much more vibrant. If you’re painting a black panther yellow, the white base coat will make it look much better. But if you’re painting a swan black, you can probably skip this step.

Paint one half of the animal while you hold the other half in your hand. Let it dry before you complete painting the other half. Or, you can get messy and paint it all in one go.

Speaking of messy, acrylic paints wash clean with just water while still wet. I recommend having a cup of water nearby to place your brush in when you’re not using it so that the paint doesn’t dry and clump up on the brush.
Once the paint dries, however, it’s there forever. If you get paint on your clothes, immediately wash clean with soap and water.


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After the white base coat has fully dried, paint the cat whatever color you want. Depending on your color, you may want to do 2 coats.


Once the paint fully dries, apply a drop of glue to the back of your cat, place the magnet over the glue and wait to dry.

We tried out a hot glue gun, which didn’t work well with the plastic animal figurines, but super glue worked great.

Play around with painting patterns on your animal, or skip all the paint and slap a magnet on the animal as is!


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