All About Pudge

Pudge is a 3 year-old Exotic Shorthair cat living in Minneapolis, MN.

She was born on July 5th, 2010 and on September 25th, 2010 I drove 400 miles to Chicago, IL to pick Pudge up and bring her back to my home in Minneapolis.

Other than the fact that Pudge has her own website and you’re reading this bio about her right now, she’s just a normal cat. Pudge has no health issues, birth defects or deformities. She’s a regular ol’ lazy cat that doesn’t like any cat treats, catnip, or cat toys. Actually… I’m not sure if Pudge is really a cat or not. She loves to go for car rides, chew on sticks, and she even knows a few tricks.

Pudge’s store exists 100% for her fans and Pudge donates a portion of every sale to local animal charities and rescue organizations, such as Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue.

Yes, Pudge is a girl. Don’t let her sweet mustache fool you into thinking otherwise.